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Trade life jacket UK Trade and wholesale Life Jackets

Marine Warehouse Ltd is the UK's leading supplier of life jackets to the trade.

Marine Warehouse offer a complete range of lifejackets, life vests and buoyancy aids to suit every water based activity.

This website is dedicated to trade and commercial business, for retail please visit our


It can supply life jackets in any quantity to trade customers within the UK.

buy life jackets at trade pricesBiggest stocks of Life jackets

We have access to the largest stocks of life jackets in Europe. 1000's of lifejackets in stock.

trade price life jacketVery competitive prices

Whether you need 20 or 2000 life jackets you will be assured of the most competitive trade prices in the business.

We trade more life jackets than any of our competitors. As a result we pass on these discounts to you. For life jackets in the UK, we cannot be beaten.

life jacket dealerGuaranteed quality

Our life jackets are tried and tested - plus they conform to the very latest standards, whether ISO, CE, MED or Solas.

All of our life jackets are manufactured with care in Europe.

welders life jacketWelders Lifejackets

Our welders life jackets are tried and tested - welders lifejackets in stock for next day delivery.

Welders Lifejackets.

Buy welders life jackets online..
crewsaver life jacketCrewsaver Commercial Lifejackets

Official Distributor of Crewsaver Commercial Life jackets.

Crewsaver Commercial Lifejackets.

Buy Crewsaver Commercial life jackets online..
commercial life jacket
>> Commercial Life jacket

The Marine warehouse are stockists of a wide range of commercial life jackets suitable for all marine trades.


View our commercial life jacket range ..
leisure life jacket
>> Trade leisure Life jacket
The Marine Warehouse are the UK's leading supplier of leisure life jackets to the marine trade.
View our wholesale range of leisure life jackets...
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>> Contact our trade sales team for life jackets

The Marine Warehouse trade sales team are on hand seven days a week to discuss your requirements. 01792 474300.

Simply call or email!

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